Fundlime is your go-to financial resource for your new venture. We guide you in facing challenges, conquer the financial goals and develop your business with your aspirations.

Our aim is to ease and enhance the small businesses’ pay as well as paid.

Fundlime helps in creating better financial options by using cutting edge technologies with data science to fund your small businesses.

About Us

With the growing entrepreneurship and small businesses, the need of better guidance over loans gave birth to Fundlime. We constantly work on creating new reality for upcoming business owners. We guide and help them to get loans, backing up their business ambitions. We help them be visionaries, rebels or warriors not just merely entrepreneurs.

We understand how small ventures operate as we have been closely working with entrepreneurs and business owners since decade. We now how important it is to have access on working capital during challenges or opportunities. We team up with lenders who have simple application process and evaluate several business performance factors not just personal credit. Our team compares the option and secure funds in days… not in months.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring value by giving entrepreneurs best funding options so they can be stress free from financial burden and work on their vision.

Our Vision

When Entrepreneurs sees a bigger picture Financial freedom always get in between, thats why we are here to help entrepreneurs to build the future and make this world a better place to live.

How we serve Small Business

We utilize our cutting edge technologies and common sense and create best financial options to accelerate your small business opportunities.

  • Monitoring business and personal credit on the spot

  • Loan approval after estimating business credit score

  • Quick funds

Why Fundlime

  • Analyze your credit scores for your businesses

  • Financing depends on credit as well as business profile

  • Assist in building better business credit

  • Securing your identity

  • Track the companies you deal with

  • Safeguards your new venture 24/7

We provide tailored solutions for your business

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