Fundlime is a one-stop financial adviser and a technology company assists you with investment to US based entrepreneurs. We help you through cash flow management cash follow on daily or weekly basis. We are go-to financial resource for every aspiring start-up. We help you face the challenges, achieve the financial goals, and develop your ventures as per your aspirations.

Before developing any financial strategy for you, we get to understand you and your business aspirations. We keep in mind the financial future and eventually we mould our approach. Once you join us, we follow our established process which begins with ‘What is more important to you?’ and then we lend our ears.

As we have monthly fee for each month you have balance. Every month you need to pay 1/6th of your total fund (for next 6 months) or say 1/12th of total loan amount (for 12 months) along with monthly fees.

Fundlime lines of credit APRs ranges between 24 to 99%. Every month, you need to pay a portion of the loan approved or amount borrowed, the principal besides the fee which is between 1.5% to 10%. You can apply to know what your fee rate will be. The interest rate depends upon your eligibility as a borrower.

Our fee ranges straight from 1.5% to 10% depending upon the several factors of your business performance.

Considering the important factors while borrowing loan, we do underwriting for you. We perform underwriting where we assess your creditworthiness along with the potential customer’s risk. We ensure three things during underwriting:

  • We determine the risk’s wavelength

  • Backup for minimizing the loss if something goes wrong with loan

  • Minimizing the underwriting cost

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