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Tips to Improve the Chances of Getting a Small Business Fund

Being an entrepreneur, you must have and collected all the required resources to transform your thought and killer business plan into a smashing successful venture. But it doesn’t work like it seems.

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Having a great idea is just a part of this whole equation. Several entrepreneurs might need small business loan at some point. But the challenge is getting approved for the loan if you don’t fit in the prerequisites of getting funds.

You cannot just walk into the local bank, fill the loan application and get approval on the spot.

In this blog, you will read how to curb the shortcomings for getting a small business loan. Empathize with the financial institutions you will interact with for getting a business loan. Would you be comfortable and confident for providing funds based on the situations and factors an applicant has mentioned besides interview process? So, flip the script and view the circumstances from their perspective to get a clear picture.

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Go through the below tips for getting loan approved:

  1. Begin the process: Since the approval take weeks or say months to unfold so, it is better to start with the procedure ASAP. Do not wait for the emergency to occur.
  2. Importance of credit history: You might think your business and personal finances, but lenders will definitely look after your credit history while determining the risk level. Payment history and credit use is an inseparable part of your score. You will land in trouble while getting a small business loan from traditional lender if your score is lower than or is 660. The ideal score is 720 or higher.
  3. A roadmap for loan utilization: You need to be very clear how you will utilise the money. Vague promises or general response won’t work. The lenders are quite precise with the plan how you will utilise the funds provided for understanding the application feasibility. As every venture is different but you can include reasons such as capital investments, business expansion, inventory purchase or you can also pick the option of refinancing or debt payment.
  4. Stay organized and prepared: Staying alert with keeping all the required details handy can help you in several circumstances. If the lender asks for particular information, you need to provide it within decided time frame. Lack of preparation might showcase you are unprepared.
  5. Expert advice: For growing the venture and asking for loan is a different thing  but arranging meetings and demonstrating that you have discussed with the board of directors, accountant and financial advisor who have estimated a figure for expanding the production facilities and minimized the cost of goods sold is different aspect.

As mentioned above, financial institutions look for a specific plan. They want to know you are interacting with experts of the field.

Bottom line:

Getting approved for a small business fund is not a cake walk. The burden lies on the number of proofs required to convince the lender that your plan is worth taking risk related to lending loan. Ensure to address all the shortcomings and highlight the positives of your venture.

Priyanka Dwivedi is Editor-in-Chief at Fundlime. Specializing in financial advice for small business owners. Beyond her deep knowledge of small business loan and tips, she would love to help match your business with the best loan option that benefits you most!

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