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Tips for Using First Business Loan Properly

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What are the most awaited words for the young entrepreneurs? Obviously, ‘Congratulations! Your loan has been approved’.

No matter whether you got loan through traditional bank or via alternative lender, this acquired loan will help you in achieving your business goals as well as help in growing if you are already in the market since a little long. Once you get the loan, you start making assumptions as well as calculations on how to use money before it hits your bank account. It is really important to have a well-thought out plan to efficiently use the funds.

In this blog, you will go through the tips which are helpful in planning how to utilize the business loans effectively but prior to that you need to understand what type of business financing you are interested in obtaining?

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There are types of finances ranging from business loan, for equipment purchase, cash against credit card income, equipment lease or commercial mortgage loan? If it is business loan then go through the blog for tips and tricks.

The biggest challenge is to decide how to use funds to the best possible use and understand a healthy ROI. Deploying funds varies depending on the trade, situation and industry. Two important concerns are here to begin with:

  • How to use loan for my business i.e. in one main area or distributing it into few?
  • How I am going to repay it?
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How to utilize effectively this hard won loan:

  1. Keep in mind the long term costs: You might feel your account is full but do not lose the sight about cutting costs as well plan your budget. You may have funds for covering the expenses today but you never know about future emergencies. So keep some amount aside and prepare your safety net.
  2. Prepare a constructive plan:  It is really important to plan irrespective of business size. Figure out what are business areas which can benefit you from cash infusion. You need to concentrate on inventory (product and stock vital for normal functioning of trade), equipment (depending on industry you might have to include new vehicle or machine), operational expenses (rent, internet services, stationery etc) and marketing & advertising (a valuable investment for expanding and attracting new customers).
  3. Launching new products and services: If you are already established and your business is in good shape then it is the right time for launching a new product or service. Staying one step ahead is what you need to do if you want to stay in competition.
  4. Paying other debts or planning to refinance: Paying off old debts or consolidating funds into one place is easy to manage and prepare the budget for further payments instead of keeping different debts several times in a month.

So, these are the basic tips to understand the areas of business to concentrate after receiving the first business loan.

Priyanka Dwivedi is Editor-in-Chief at Fundlime. Specializing in financial advice for small business owners. Beyond her deep knowledge of small business loan and tips, she would love to help match your business with the best loan option that benefits you most!

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